15 years together on the rails: Rail Cargo Hungaria as part of the Rail Cargo Group

03. 04. 2024

Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) privatised MÁV Cargo in 2008. The rail transport company, which continues its activities in the new ownership structure under the name Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH), is an important member of the group, which forms the sustainable, logistical backbone of the European economy.

The former MÁV Cargo was the Hungarian market leader and so, with the takeover in 2008, Hungary also became the Rail Cargo Group's second home market. Hungary is a strategically important hub for Western and Southern Europe and also plays an important international role. The anniversary celebrations recently took place in the Railway Historical Park in Budapest and were attended by hundreds of guests, including partners, customers and representatives of Hungarian, Austrian and Chinese politics. The successes of the last 15 years were celebrated together.

ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä and Imre Kovács, CEO Rail Cargo Hungaria

A strong partner

In 2023, RCH transported 19.5 million tonnes of goods. With a turnover of around 244 million euros and 1,900 employees, RCH is the largest subsidiary of RCA, which holds a 99.9 % stake in RCH. In addition to RCH, other companies in Hungary also belong to RCG. These include Rail Cargo Terminal-BILK: an important east-west hub for combined freight transport, Rail Cargo Logistics-Hungaria: Hungary's largest rail freight forwarder and Rail Cargo Operator-Hungaria: which handles freight transport on the Adriatic, in the Balkans and in Asia. TS Hungaria is responsible for the entire maintenance management of the Hungarian freight wagon fleet. The Rail Cargo Carrier offers its traction services in 11 countries and has its headquarters in Budapest.

Hungary's most modern locomotive fleet

Shortly after privatisation in 2010, RCA began expanding its traction capacities in Hungary. The fleet was established with ten Taurus electric locomotives, which met the strictest technical and ecological requirements in Europe. RCH now has the most modern locomotive fleet in Hungary, consisting of 63 vehicles. In addition to the ultra-modern Taurus, Vectron and Traxx locomotives, the company also fulfils the transport requirements of its customers with two e-hybrid mainline locomotives and two e-hybrid shunting locomotives. An indispensable part of the company's own traction and shunting capabilities is its own team of train drivers. While RCH employed 138 train drivers in 2010, this number has more than doubled to 318 by 2024.

Rail logistics specialists together

For the Hungarian economy, RCH has remained "an important strategic company even 15 years after the privatisation of MÁV Cargo", said Imre Kovács, Chairman of the Board and CEO of RCH. In addition, it is in particular the solidarity within the Rail Cargo Group that is our common strength and what makes us rail logistics specialists. Whether single wagonload transport, the handling of block trains or customised offers - together we offer customers attractive end-to-end solutions and can maintain transport chains and networks during the crisis. Together, we can also look back on 15 strong years of partnership and look forward to the next.

Anniversary celebration 15 years Rail Cargo Hungaria