20 years of apprenticeship: 600 apprentices in 20 years

07. 07. 2020

We’re celebrating 20 years of RCG apprenticeships and proudly present the people who make it what it is today.

Our first forwarding / logistics apprentices began their training at RCG 20 years ago. In September 2000, they weren’t just our first group of apprentices, they were the first business apprentices in the entire ÖBB.

We don’t just transport freight – we transport knowledge too

Our apprentices get down to business from their very first day. In addition to their professional training and developing their social skills, they are part of a cross-disciplinary learning community. This means our trainers are the only ones teaching our apprentices – it works both ways.

And it’s a success

Over 600 apprentices have successfully completed their training over the past 20 years and more than 80% of them have been pursuing their careers with us. In 2020, already 46% of our logistics apprentices are female.

Our training network has also received many awards over the years, like the “Top Apprentice Company” seal of quality and international awards for our RCG Europe Weeks programme.

All information about our apprenticeship you can find here (German only).