20 years of apprenticeship in the RCG - Patrick Gamsjäger gives a review with outlook

27. 07. 2020

In the course of our anniversary, we are bringing those colleagues into the spotlight who have made the 20 years of apprenticeship at RCG to what it is today - a joint success project. Alternating between existing and former apprentices and trainers, we will give an insight into their everyday life, talk about their motives for doing an apprenticeship at RCG and look into the future of the next 20 years at RCG.

Our apprentice Patrick Gamsjäger will complete his apprenticeship already this summer. It is above all the diversity and the fun at work that he is particularly enthusiastic about as an apprentice.

What kind of apprenticeship program are you doing at the RCG?

I have been part of the Rail Cargo Group since 1 September 2016. In July 2019, I passed the exams to become a forwarding agent. I am currently completing a supplementary apprenticeship year as a freight forwarding logistics specialist, which I will also complete this year in July.

What makes your apprenticeship at RCG special?

At RCG, no two days are the same. That's what I like most. When I look back at the beginning of my apprenticeship and compare it with today, I am really proud of everything I have learned so far. In addition, in the apprenticeship training, each and everyone is individually supported - you start and finish your apprenticeship as a TEAM - no one falls by the wayside! And I am very proud to be a part of this team!

What were the motives to do your apprenticeship at RCG? 

I applied to several companies, but the diversity at RCG aroused my interest in particular - in the end, the decision was not difficult. I also heard only positive things about the company in advance. It was also important for me not to have a "normal" office job where every day is the same. Especially the variety (European weeks abroad and much more) and the customer contact were very important to me - and these points were more than fulfilled at RCG.

Which future career path would you like to pursue?

First and foremost, I want to gain a foothold in the industry after my apprenticeship, gain experience and expand my knowledge every day. I would also like to play my part in our company in order to help shape the innovation and diversity within the Rail Cargo Group. RCG is the perfect employer here, as there are so many different professions - and in each of them you can see one more area of overall diversity.

What advice would you give prospective apprentices at RCG? 

For me, it was always very important to have fun at work, because if you like doing something, you do it much better. The motto "No fear of mistakes" is also very important to me - and every training supervisor has complete understanding, that's the only way to learn. It is also important to show interest and ask as many questions as possible. The motto is always "don't be afraid to ask", because there are no "stupid questions".

What do you think the apprenticeship at RCG will look like in 20 years?

I think that the apprenticeship training will be even more diverse than it already is. As apprentices we have such great opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. You take part in many seminars (customer orientation, English seminars, European weeks and much more). RCG is the leader in the European Weeks and has supported this project from a very early stage. I can speak from experience, the experiences that you have in such a month abroad, you do not forget and remain in your memory. I think that in the future you will have much more of these great opportunities in the RCG.

Describe the teaching at RCG in one sentence:

An incredibly cool time, where no day is like the other and you can expand your knowledge every day.