Containercheckerin Nicole am Terminal

3 Questions for Container Checker Nicole

23. 08. 2023

Nicole thoroughly checks the technical condition of the containers at the Wolfurt terminal.

What is so special about your job with sense?

I check the technical condition of the containers at the Wolfurt terminal in Vorarlberg. I check if they have any damage that needs to be repaired. It's very varied and I'm always learning new things.

How "green" is your area of responsibility?

I make sure that new parts are only installed if the function of the component is impaired. That saves resources. During repairs, we also only use as much material as is necessary to ensure the safe functioning of the containers. In addition, we work digitally without paper and use bicycles to get from A to B at the terminal quickly and in an environmentally friendly way.

What does a working day look like for you?

On the one hand, I'm outdoors a lot doing container checks, but on the other hand I also work in the office. There I make cost estimates for our customers and prepare repair orders for our workshop. At the moment I'm doing further training to become a shipping company inspector. Once I have completed this training, I will train other people in my profession as container checkers.

My ultimate sustainable tip

Shop more consciously, throw away less, do short distances or small errands on foot or by bike, use reusable bags.