Ukraine transports – side by side with Agrosem

09. 08. 2023

Sticking together in difficult times and finding new solutions jointly: With this intention, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) and the Ukrainian distributor Agrosem laid the foundation for a successful and trusting cooperation in 2022.

When the Ukraine war broke out in February 2022, Russia blocked the strategically important Black Sea ports. The result: 20 million tonnes of grain usually exported by sea were suddenly stuck in Ukraine – a major problem for the economy and the global grain supply security. For this reason, RCG started to increase grain shipments from Ukraine by more than ten times.

Agrosem thus also became a customer of RCG. The company is one of the leading distributors on Ukrainian agrarian market. Agrosem offers key international seed brands, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and crop protection products for farmers throughout the country. An interview with Denys Mararenko, Head of International Grain Trading Department at Agrosem:

Denys Mararenko, Head of International Grain Trading Department at Agrosem

What challenges did Agrosem face when the Ukraine war broke out?

Farmers couldn’t sell their grain, because the main bottleneck was a logistics. Despite the challenges posed by the war and the blockage of Ukrainian ports, we have taken on the responsibility to support our clients and export their grain.

How did we collectively address these challenges?

RCG supported us with logistics, provided block-trains to export Ukrainian grain. RCG was one of the few European companies, who allowed to enter their rail trucks on the territory of Ukraine, despite the risks of war.

What have we achieved together?

Together we have been sending trains carrying Ukrainian grains to various destinations such as Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Austria, and the port of Poland. Currently, we are in the process of scheduling shipments to Germany.

How is the collaboration going today?

We maintain a close working relationship, collaborating on shipping plans and exploring new directions. Our partnership has strengthened over the past year, as we have developed a high level of trust in each other. As we continue to work together, we aim to increase our cooperation even further.

How would you describe the cooperation with the RCG in general?

Based on our experience, RCG is a trustworthy and flexible partner that strives to fulfill the customer's needs by exploring various options. Collaborating with them has allowed us to explore new directions, learn from mistakes, and make improvements together. We are confident in the potential for a long and fruitful partnership.