The RCG Bike Challenge 2020: Race across Amstetten

13. 10. 2020

Our staff proved they are well in the saddle and demonstrated their team spirit at the RCG Bike Challenge on 17th to 20th September.

11 members of our staff from 4 countries – Austria, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia – really got pedalling on 4th October at the RCG Bike Challenge. Changes to the route that had to be made because of pandemic-related travel restrictions didn’t dampen the participants’ motivation one bit.

Instead of cycling from Munich to Verona as was originally planned, they headed to Amstetten with rallies in the Mostviertel and Mühlviertel. The cyclists’ paths were lined with pear trees and rustic farmyards rather than vines and cypresses.  

An active schedule

Our staff covered between 100 and 120km a day on their race bikes. Two especially sporty colleagues even arrived on their bikes on 16th September; three also completed the homeward journey from Amstetten to Vienna by bike.

The first joint trip took place on 17th September. Our colleagues were split into two groups for the tours on 18th and 19th September. The first group travelled a whole 116km and cycled nearly 1,500m uphill on the first day; on the second day, they covered 100 km and climbed 1,100m. The second group took at a slightly more comfortable pace, cycling 93km and reaching an altitude of 900m on 18th September, then 98km and an altitude of 830m on 19th September.

Here’s to next year!

The RCG Bike Challenge is a private event for RCG staff who like to go cycling together in their free time. All safety measures were considered: from keeping distance from one another and wearing face masks to regularly disinfecting their hands.

All the participants got back home safe and sound with memories of beautiful landscapes and things they experienced together. Everyone agreed that the RCG Bike Challenge should happen again in 2021!