Single wagonload transport

29. 01. 2021

We are the sustainable backbone of the economy. Our single wagonload transport services also help keep decentralized companies stay on track. Just like a parcel service, our single wagonload transport groups goods together at various locations and distributes them on to their destinations. Single wagonload transport plays a key role in SmartLINK, our digital service portfolio.

Our dense single wagonload network in Austria and Hungary is one of a kind. Nearly half of all transport services that are carried out solely by rail are handled as single wagonloads. That’s about two million trips a year.

Single wagonload transport – what is it exactly?

While block train transport involves one entire freight train travelling directly from the consignor to the consignee, single wagonload transport is much more complex. It’s like parcel delivery services, but for really big, heavy goods. We pick up the wagons from locations all across our extensive network and bring them via one or more marshalling yards to their destinations in mixed trains. We handle international transport on our European network with partner RUs and our own TransFER trains.

A big responsibility

RCG operates a very dense single wagonload network with around 400 control sections in Austria and 350 in Hungary. That makes us one of a kind in Europe. We provide goods transport for companies in remote areas, we connect industrial sites and keep the flow of goods moving. Single wagonload transport brings a lot of benefits for our customers: transport is flexible and customisable when it comes to volumes, timing and routes.

Working for fair competition

However, operating single wagonload transport efficiently is a challenge. It often involves small volumes of goods, which can make transport less cost-effective. Having said that, high-performance single wagonload transport represents the environmentally friendly backbone of the Austrian manufacturing industry. Key industries and regional customers benefit significantly. We’re making sure they don’t get left behind on the journey to sustainable mobility of the future. Our single wagonload transport keeps supplies for commerce and industry moving – now and in the future!

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