"Without communication nobody knows the product"

02. 09. 2020

Daniela Lehenbauer, Head of Marketing & Communications, provides insights into the development process of the communication and design concept for SmartLINK. She explains the considerations behind the concept and why rail freight needs good product marketing.

How did the SmartLINK concept come about?

Our mission is to work with partners and customers to create a modern, high-performance rail freight transport system for entire Europe. This requires simple and user-friendly access to the rail system. The digitalization of rail logistics is an important topic that is currently moving the entire industry. With the help of digital tools, processes must be consistently optimized and simplified, and this is where we at RCG want to be the pioneers. The communication concept of SmartLINK is intended to transport these ideas and tell the story of their development in a vivid way. After all, the customer not only evaluates a product by its qualities, but also by the way it is presented. No matter how good a product may be: If it is not noticed by the customer, it will not be bought.

So we collected all the important content and came up with a design that makes the context clear. In doing so, we have always questioned whether our concept really describes the character of the product. Because good results are created in the process. The concept we have now presented makes our offer understandable at a glance - analog and digital. Not only for industry insiders, but also for all those who are not yet familiar with the topic of freight transport.

What does the design want to tell us?

One thing is certain: good design is not a question of taste. Good design is the prerequisite for our message to stand out from the abundance of competing products and to attract attention. In our case, the design had to convey the idea of reducing complexity in rail freight transport - with its colors, logos, icons and wordings. And of course it must also have a high recognition value. In this way it underlines the simplicity of the concept and reflects our customers' desire for efficiency.

How will you use it to promote the rail freight transport of tomorrow?

I am convinced that rail freight transport has a great future ahead of it. After all, the railroads have everything a sustainable transport system needs. It is modern, reliable and, above all, environmentally friendly, and therefore its one step ahead of the road. The big challenge at the moment lies in the area of digitization: Our agile teams are working intensively to transfer our services, performance and processes to the digital world. SmartLINK presents our range of services with simplicity and vividness because the advantages of the railroad cannot be communicated with technical explanations alone. We needed a translation into a language that everyone understands and a contemporary, appealing visual presentation. This is what our main tasks are. In this way we support our sales team in their work. There is still a long way to go before all processes have arrived in the digital world. But it is our responsibility to follow this path and to let the public participate in it.