Magna and the reliability of the RCG

11. 07. 2018

The goods must reach their destination safely, quickly and above all reliably. Our customers agree on this. They rely on reliable RCG contacts who deliver a total of 115 million tons of goods to their destinations every year.

The RCG runs almost 518,000 trains per year. In other words, we’re putting a train on track every minute. Optimal planning and efficient handling are essential for subsequent transport in order to bring the goods reliably to their destination. Our customer Saint-Gobain Rigips Austria also benefits from RCG’s logistical know-how. In the course of the logistical handling of gypsum plasterboard, Rigips Austria particularly appreciates the transparency of information. The entire transport, including continuous tracking from Bad Aussee to Wildegg in Switzerland, went smoothly and exactly on schedule.

Reliability creates trust. And trust results in long-term cooperation. Like the one between RCG and MAGNA. The impressive MAGNA Heavy Stamping Group plant is located at Frank-Stronach-Strasse 1 in Albersdorf in Styria. Here the employees work in shift and industrial robots work at full speed to produce vehicle body parts. We asked Helfried Schinnerl, who has a long-standing business relationship with RCG, to come to the camera. As the person responsible for Transport & Customs, he talks about why reliability is an indispensable factor in the logistics sector.