Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell: Born in Pilsen. At home throughout the world.

16. 03. 2018

The logistics chain for consumer goods, until foods and beverages for the retail trade end up on supermarket shelves, is a long one. Because responsibility counts, golden Pilsner Urquell travels by rail.

Have you ever wondered how the beer that you take out of your refrigerator at home reaches the supermarket shelves? And what routes it has travelled before it gets into your shopping bag?

Leading international food and beverage manufacturers, as well as retail chains, have relied on the logistics expertise of RCG for decades. Quality-monitored trains and high-quality freight cars not only ensure supplies between production sites but also guarantee that goods are delivered to the trader on demand. The Pilsner Urquell brewery, for example, places great importance on responsibility. Responsibility towards the environment, consumers and society. “Enjoy beer sensibly” is the guiding principle of the brewery. Sensible and responsible enjoyment, however, requires at least as sensible and ecological logistics. That’s why the long-established company Pilsner Urquell relies on the railway for its logistics.


What used to be transported by road until recently now rolls the rails. At the birthplace of the beer, the Pilsen Brewery in the Czech Republic, the bottled beer in crates is packed on pallets and loaded into freight cars of the Habillnss series. The railway even comes directly into the Pilsen Brewery thanks to a separate siding. In order to ensure efficient loading, the brewery recently renovated the siding from the ground up. That was the only way the beer could be brought from road to ecological rail. After loading onto the freight cars, the beer bottles begin a long journey. The delicate product travels 500 kilometres through the Czech Republic before reaching the Radegast Brewery in Nošovice, Czech Republic. It is also delivered directly to a siding in the brewery.

The faultless handling of the entire logistics chain under the responsibility of Rail Cargo Group proves again that the railway is a reliable logistics partner and an attractive alternative to road freight transport. In the future, Pilsner Urquell will undoubtedly make more use of the railway as the logistics of the entire transport process went off without a hitch and to the full satisfaction of our customer.