Schmidholz's wood on track

08. 08. 2018

The RCG transports products of the wood industry flexibly and in an environmentally friendly manner. With around 200,000 loaded timber wagons and 5.6 million tonnes of timber transported annually, we are the largest wood forwarder in Central Europe. This saves the environment a lot of CO2.

Wood is a resource-conserving, renewable raw material that acts as a carbon reservoir relieving our environment and additionally producing good air. Wood becomes truly sustainable if it is also transported in an environmentally friendly way. Our customer Schmidholz relies on rail logistics for log transports, which responds quickly. Flexibility plays a central role for his company in Jenbach in Tyrol. He is also convinced that there is no way around the rail freight transport due to the increasingly thick road traffic.

As a reliable partner to the forestry, wood and paper industry, RCG is the largest timber transporter in Central Europe, transporting around 5.6 million tonnes of timber annually. This saves the environment 109,616 tons of CO2* per year – transporting this amount by road would mean 4.6 times more CO2 emissions.

That is why the most important Austrian wood and paper industries rely on environmentally friendly RCG transports. We rely on a high surface density and an attractive market offer with more than 400 operating points and 125 timber and core network stations for national and international rail transports. Our special wagon equipment offers each wood product – such as round and sawn timber or wood chips – its individual transport solution.

From the forestry operation directly to the sawmill or from the timber store directly for further processing in the pulp and paper industry: In addition to domestic transports, our timber transports are mainly imports from the Czech Republic and Germany. In addition, we handle exports to Italy and the port of Koper.

* Calculated with the RCA emission calculation tool based on