On honeymoon by rail

25. 01. 2023

      RCG employee Lukas Waldherr-Hrdina shows how #railcore a honeymoon can be and gives us his impressions from Paris, Bruges and Amsterdam. 

Since February 2020 Lukas Waldherr-Hrdina has worked in RCG’s Operational Safety - Safety Management department. He is a staunch advocate of freight transport and loves travelling by rail in his spare time. Consequently, he also decided to travel by rail on his honeymoon. Together with his newlywed wife Conny, who he first met on Tinder seven years ago, he visited Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris. Whether they were in the Louvre, Montmartre or the night train: The snug #Railcore hoodie was always there.

3 cities, 3 characters

“The whole trip was fantastic. Each of the cities I visited had its very own flair”, enthused Lukas. The first stop was Amsterdam. The friendliness and candour of the people, exceptional food, unique architecture and lifestyle of the Dutch really made an impression on both Lukas and Conny. Meanwhile, in the Belgian city of Bruges, the combination of medieval houses with small canals particularly stood out. “Bruges is the perfect mixture of cuisine and culture. Everything is close by and can be easily reached on foot”, explains Lukas. The next step was taking the TGV to Paris, where the pair discovered the city’s hotspots such as Montmartre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Palais du Trocadéro, the Louvre and the Île de la Cité. A trip along the Seine river and a visit to the Eiffel Tower were also part of the travel plans.

Comfortable and sustainable

Both had the idea of having a city trip on their honeymoon during a summer holiday in June. The original plan was a typical long-haul trip, but due to the issues faced at airports during summer and also their wish to travel in a climate-friendly manner, they decided to travel by train. We think that’s rather #railcore.

Regarding #railcore, what exactly do you associate with the term? “For me, #railcore describes sticking together in the RCG team across all organisational units. That is our greatest strength. Ultimately, when everyone pulls together, we perform even better and work is twice as much fun”, says Lukas.