Safety knows no time

01. 02. 2023

Our wagon technicians are on duty day and night, in sun and snow.

Patrizia Walch starts work today at 6 pm. Her shift lasts until 6:00 a.m., then she changes shifts. The trained mechanical engineer is a wagon technician in Innsbruck and thus responsible for the technical inspection of our vehicles. "During a taster day it was quickly clear to me that this is exactly my job. I have never regretted this decision!" After the intensive training of seven months, Patrizia initially worked in the freight wagon area in Wörgl. "But I was looking for more variety. That's where the vacancy in Innsbruck came in handy."

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Making decisions - bearing the consequences

Here, many passenger coaches are inspected and the proper loading and securing of the vehicles on the motorail trains also falls under her responsibility. "At the beginning, that was already a big change. Because the decisions I make often have a direct impact on our passengers: Do we need a new locomotive and will this cause a delayed departure? What solutions are there for passengers if a wagon has to be separated from the train?" Clearly, however, safety always comes first in the inspections. "Of course I don't park a wagon lightly, but I bear the responsibility for safe transport. I can't compromise on that."

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Good on her feet and weatherproof

As a wagon technician, Patrizia is out and about in all weathers, walking between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per shift. "In between, there is always time to warm up if the weather is not so good. And besides, we have protective equipment that is top-notch. I wouldn't want to swap an office job for that," laughs the wagon technician.

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