Optimising intermodal: Swap Bodies

05. 04. 2023

They make handling faster and more efficient, and therefore play a key role in intermodal freight transport. Curtain up for Swap Bodies!

For the transition from road to rail to succeed and for more goods to be transported by rail – a more sustainable mode of transport – the rail option must become more efficient. This can be achieved partly with the help of modern equipment, such as swap bodies. These are real stars in the pantheon of load carriers because they can be used multimodally, bridge the gap between road and rail, and can be loaded easily from one mode of transport to another. This enables seamless end-to-end logistics solutions. 

How are swap bodies different to conventional containers?

These ultra-modern Curtainsider Swap Bodies don’t have fixed side walls. The sides are covered with tarpaulins that can be removed as required. This makes universal loading possible; this means that they can be loaded and unloaded from all sides, as well as from above. Another advantage is that they can be used across all industries for all kinds of goods – e.g. in beverage logistics, for chemicals and in the automotive industry. Many of these transport units also have fold-out feet that are useful for loading and unloading.

300 new Swap Bodies for RCG

It’s little surprise that demand for swap bodies in Europe is high. In order to fulfil this demand, we have recently invested in this modern piece of equipment by purchasing 300 Curtainsider Swap Bodies. This means that our customers can use our TransFER products – including first and last mile and handling services – more efficiently, even without a siding. 

Check out the new RCG-branded Swap Bodies for yourself!