Our apprentices at the RCG Europe Weeks

22. 01. 2020

Four weeks to get a feel for international logistics – these are the RCG European Weeks. This is already the 7th time that enthusiastic and committed apprentices have had the opportunity to complete part of their training in a European RCG subsidiary.

Twelve of our highly motivated apprentices set off on their journeys to our offices in Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Croatia –by train, of course.

An internship abroad is the ideal chance to get to know another language and a new culture, and this is enriching on both a professional and personal level. After all, it takes courage and a sense of adventure to travel to another country and live there for about a month. It boosts self-confidence and independence of course, as well as your English language skills, and provides valuable work experience.

A varied schedule was in store at our international subsidiaries. First of all, the apprentices got to know the local departments and their activities, visited factories... and then they got to work.

"I had the opportunity to provide some input for a colleague who was handling a complaint, as I had spent some time in the Legal department in Austria. I was a bit proud of that."

Melanie Komarek after her stay in Desio/Italy

Two apprentices will stay in Frankfurt/Main until the end of January 2020, where they are actively supporting our German colleagues. We are already curious to see what knowledge and experience these two will bring back with them.

The "RCG Europe Weeks" contribute to the fact that our junior staff can already experience first-hand what it means to be an international rail logistics provider. This is a win-win situation; the apprentices learn new skills on the one hand, and it gives our subsidiaries a change of perspective and fresh input on the other hand.

"What I like best is that in my current training position I am still dealing with those colleagues from Hungary whom I got to know during my stay abroad. So now I can also put faces to the faces to the mails and telephone calls."

Kerstin Punzengruber, who spent four weeks in Budapest/Hungary