‘Thank you for the ROLA comfort zone’ – a travelogue

14. 08. 2019

Mario is a keen Rolling Highways driver. Read on to find out why he thinks it’s cool, even in summer.

Super Mario – the constant travel companion.

Super Mario is Mario’s mascot, and Mario is on the road five times a week with his 450 hp lorry. He covers 2,500 kilometres per journey.

He’s no stranger to time spent idling in traffic jams, road closures, diversions and the associated delays.

Not only do these things eat up time; they’re a source of frustration too. And Mario’d know. After all, he’s been a lorry driver for 15 years.

His main routes are in Italy, Austria, Germany, France and Spain. But he’s not behind the wheel of his 40-tonne lorry for part of his current route from Holland to Italy.

Instead, he’s enjoying some downtime between Brenner and Wörgl in the Rolling Highways (ROLA) accompanying carriage, while his lorry is piggybacking over the Brenner Pass by rail.

Well-rested and relaxed, he gets back in his lorry to continue his journey from ROLA Terminal Brennersee to Ancona, Italy. In the next article, we’ll accompany Thomas on his Rolling Highways journey.