TRANFORMATION means fundamental, lasting change.

16. 09. 2020

The world is in a state of flux. The way we live, work and communicate with each other is too. Our friends and colleagues are virtually always at our side; we do our shopping online and all our social, economic and industrial processes are becoming faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

New technologies are helping save time and resources, and that has a huge impact on logistics. Rail freight transport is also being transformed rapidly, and that means we are too. Internationalisation in sales and manufacturing, the development of the land bridge to Asia, a new organisational structure, the modernisation of operational procedures, innovations in rolling stock, an extensive digitalisation programme – these are just a few of the key words that quantify how the RCG is reinventing itself. Established ways of doing things are being called into question, approaches to processes and structures completely revolutionised. The trick is to keep what works and draw on new ideas whenever and wherever it makes sense to do so. Digital innovations improve and support operations and make our teams faster and better connected. This is the only way we will move into the future as a trustworthy, reliable and customer-centric business. Transformation means change. It is up to modern logistics to keep up with these changes.

We are transformation.