Your route through our TransNET

10. 03. 2021

Have you ever asked yourself how we bring your goods from Budapest to Köseköy? It’s as simple as our TransNET: from cars to sugar beets and everything in between, we deliver the goods safe and sound – let us show you how!

Let’s go: Type where your goods have to go from in the space marked “GO”, then type where they have to go to in the space marked “THANKS”. Now you’re all set: We’ve found the best TransFER connections for you! Your route is already marked in red on our map and shows you the fastest route through our TransNET. Your goods start out in the capital of Hungary, at the heart of one of the oldest countries in Europe. They make their way across the Hungarian Puszta, the vast grasslands of Hungary, past countless draw wells and into the East of Europe. They cross the Hungarian-Romanian border and travel through the Romanian town of Curtici on towards Turkey. They traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Romania, past the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta. Before you know it they’ve reached the Romanian-Turkish border. Can you smell the ocean yet? Once they’ve arrived in Turkey. They travel on through the Marmaray Tunnel that connects Europe and Asia. Almost 14 kilometres long, 56 metres beneath the Bosphorus through the underwater rail tunnel towards Köseköy. After just five days, your goods arrive at their destination on the Asian continent!

TransNET, let’s play!

It’s time to get clicking! Give it a go and create your own route in our TransNET!