Warehouse logistics

10. 03. 2021

Our warehouses are more than goods depots: they’re hustling and bustling logistics hubs. Our employees load and unload, inspect and pick as fast as they can so the flow of goods doesn’t come to a standstill. Warehouse logistics is one of the services in our digital service portfolio SmartLINK.

We keep international supply chains moving. For this, we need smooth handling processes, particularly in our warehouses, where one thing really does lead to another. That’s how we get our customers’ goods to their destinations safely and on time. In this article, you’ll find out why warehouses play a key role in freight transport and what we do there.

What happens at our warehouses?

We load and unload goods and check that the respective wagon, truck or container contains the requested goods. Nothing gets passed the watchful eyes of our staff during quality inspections: if the quantity isn’t right or there is any sign of damage to the transport, they raise the alarm. We always make sure our customers get the raw materials they need for production on time, with customs clearance already completed.

We also carry out order picking on request and consolidate deliveries for the requested quantities, for example. However, as one of the largest carriers for dangerous goods, we also offer dangerous goods handling services: our many years of experience means goods with special handling requirements in all fields of logistics are in safe hands. Sometimes hazardous substances can only be held at the production facilities temporarily and must then be returned to the warehouse. Our dangerous goods specialists are on site around the clock to make sure all the legal requirements are adhered to.

Boy, that sounds complicated. Who stays on top of that?

We maintain a detailed database so that we always know what’s going on in the warehouses: we can access warehouse locations, classes, temperatures and the products’ expiry dates with just one click. However, we really owe it to our staff that everything runs so smoothly. Their skills are as diverse as our customers’ goods. That’s important, because they often need to act quickly and at short notice. They’re experts at meeting any special transfer, filling and order picking requests our customers have.

Where are the warehouses? In Austria we have warehouses in Krems, Lenzing, Vienna and at the Port of Freudenau. Internationally, we offer logistics services at our warehouses in Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece and the Czech Republic.  We make logistics efficient – at every stage of the supply chain.

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