From Automobiles to Wood - Our wide-ranging know-how

25. 06. 2019

Our customers are our Kings & Queens. Our logistics solutions are as multifaceted and diverse as the world itself and its industrial sectors.

We bring grain, sugar, oilseeds and other agricultural products safely and fresh to their destination, transport around 750,000 new cars annually from the manufacturing plants to distribution platforms in the target markets and supply the automotive industry with raw materials as well as semi-finished and finished products.

Meanwhile we have already introduced some of our customers. In addition to scrap metal, beer, wood, household appliances and milk, we also put many other products on the tracks.

But do you know what else we transport?

We have divided all goods and products into twelve sectors in order to keep track of all this diversity. With us, all products – even extraordinary goods such as tram units and special steam boilers – are transported safely and securely by the environmentally friendly rail system.

12 industries

In order to provide our customers with the best possible support and service, we have organized ourselves into four business units.

These business units house the experts for the respective cargo that is transported.

Raising the curtain on our four business units

Business Unit: Steel / Energy / Automotive

The Steel / Energy / Automotive business unit ensures maximum transport safety for

  • several million tons of high-quality steel and iron products each year. It transports around
  • 750,000 new cars annually from the manufacturing plants to distribution platforms in the target markets, supplies the auto industry with raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. This business unit also railroads more than
  • 13 million tons of iron ore and coal for the processing industry each year directly from the mining or import port.

Business Unit: Mineral Oil / Agriculture / Chemicals / Environmental

Professional tank wagon management, demand-driven fuel depot provision, control and organisation of unladen shipments are the specialties of the Mineral Oil / Agriculture / Chemicals / Environmental BU. Furthermore, it brings

  • grain, sugar, oilseeds and other agricultural products safely and fresh to their destination, takes care of the details in the particularly
  • delicate transport of hazardous goods for chemical products and is an expert in the sensitive field of
  • waste management. This is because supply and disposal at large construction sites often require special transport and disposal conditions.

Business Unit: Wood / Paper / Building Materials / Consumer Goods

Whether it be printing paper, packaging paper, tissue paper or cardboard, these products all have one thing in common: natural resources are required for their production.

The Wood / Paper / Building Materials / Consumer Goods business unit takes care of everything from receiving of pulp from major European ports of entry, to just-in-time delivery of timber, waste paper, filler and chemical supplies.

Anschlussbahn Spital am Pyhrn<br/>

As the largest wood transporter in Central Europe, our team of experts specialising in the wood industry design and organise sophisticated solutions for international transports.

  • The RCG transports around 200,000 loaded timber wagons and seven million solid cubic metres of round timber annually.
  • This business unit is also the right contact when it comes to transporting building materials - RCG transports from the warehouse directly to: construction sites, building material producers or delivers the excavated material to the landfill.
  • When it comes to food, beverages, household appliances or furniture, freshness, punctuality and environmental friendliness are a particular focus, by delivering directly to the shops of wholesalers or retailers. To this end, we transport four million cans of drinks a day and two million household appliances a year.

Business Unit: Intermodal

We combine transports along with the advantages of rail and road as well as water and air into one transport chain.

With the Unaccompanied Combined Transport, we offer a comprehensive range of services for goods of all kinds. In containers, swap bodies and craneable semi-trailers, we use a multimodal transport system to combine the optimum mode of transport into a homogeneous transport chain.

The combination of the reliability and capacity of the railway, the flexibility of the truck, the intercontinental possibilities of ships and  the speed of the aircraft results in a tailor-made intermodal transport service.