Greece: Kalí méra!

30. 05. 2018

Did you know that the Rail Cargo Group handles freight operations with its own trains in ten countries? Since July the list of countries has become longer: Greece becomes the latest country to come under the own traction territory of RCG.

The Rail Cargo Group handles since july 2018 freight operations with its own trains in a total of eleven countries – that means RCG is authorised to perform operational handling independently. The newest country in the own traction territory is Greece, where the RCG is offering own traction services together with the greek partner company Goldair Cargo. With this, it is the first active private company in Greece – alongside the former Greek national railway company Trainose – to offer own traction services.

From Greece right to Germany

From summer own trains will travel between the Greek border at Gevgelija/Idomeni and the region of Thessaloniki. Further whole train potentials exist on the route between central Europe and the two Greek ports of Thessaloniki and Piraeus. With this, RCG is able to deliver continuous own traction between Germany and Greece via Bulgaria (border crossing at Kulata).

On 27 June 2018, an event at the RCG Terminal in Sindos marked the start of the own traction services. The event was attended by representatives of RCG, the Greek partner company Goldair Cargo, alongside distinguished representatives of Greek industry and politics.

Consistently high transport quality with continuous RCG own traction

The expansion of the own traction territory and the intensification of transport operations right to Asia are cornerstones of the internationalisation strategy of RCG. With Greece, RCG is now en route in a total of eleven countries: In addition to its home markets of Austria and Hungary, production services are offered in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and most recently also Greece.

Traction under the continuous responsibility of RCG along the entire logistics and transport chain guarantees that customers will experience consistently high transport quality. The international production network of RCG thereby facilitates better planning of the train services, improved punctuality and shorter transport times.

Powerful partnership between RCG and Goldair Cargo

RCG has been working successfully with Goldair Cargo since 2015. The Joint Venture Rail Cargo Logistics – Goldair SA is one of the most successful rail forwarders and logistics companies on the Greek market. The aim is to assume the role of leading rail logistics provider in Greece.