The ROLA process in pictures – The Rolling Road is superbly simple

06. 08. 2019

A journey on the Rolling Highways is handled at the speed of an express train. We’ll show you how simple it really is in pictures.


You can get going once you’ve booked the parking space for your lorry using the booking system at


Having arrived at a ROLA Terminal, lorry drivers register with our agency partners. Waybills are filled in and stamped, tickets issued and the lorries weighed.


The drivers drive their lorries up a ramp and onto the low-floor wagons in a certain order.


Once the lorries have been secured, drivers make their way to the accompanying carriage, where they enjoy a break from sitting behind the wheel and downtime with onboard service including light snacks and hot or cold drinks. Then they can sit back and relax in the couchette car.


Once the train has arrived at their destination station, the lorry drivers drive back down the ramp and leave the Rolling Highways. They’re relaxed and well-rested. Yet in spite of this, depending on their ROLA connection, they’ve travelled up to 300 kilometres. And they’ll now continue their journey by road.

Read more of Mario's (an Albanian lorry driver) travel diary in the next article.