9 reasons why the ROLA doesn’t only help the environment

18. 09. 2019


The Rolling Road (ROLA) has many advantages – not only the environment benefits from this intelligent transport system. Here is a brief overview of what ROLA does and who benefits from it:

The Rolling Road (ROLA) brings trucks from Lake Brenner or Lake Trento to Wörgl, from Salzburg to Fernetti and from Wels to Maribor and back again in an environmentally friendly way.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption and kilometres driven
  • Saving on various tolls and special tolls
  • No time spent waiting in traffic jams
  • Weekend, holiday and night driving bans are avoided
  • The ROLA ride is ideal for using statutory rest periods
  • All ROLA users help the environment - lower noise pollution, reduction of CO2 emissions, positive health aspects.
  • Travelling throughout Austria on 100 % green electricity
  • Improvement of the forwarding company or freighter’s Life Cycle Assessment (CO2  reductions)
  • Reducing external costs (CO2 , dust, noise, accidents, land consumption)

ROLA is the simplest solution for shifting freight traffic to the rails. No additional equipment is required for loading, and almost all trucks are suitable for a ROLA journey. The reasons why ROLA is a practicable logistics solution for our customers is explained in an interview with six freighters in the next article.