The Rolling Highways are on the right track: the green one

30. 07. 2019

While rail freight transport may well be environmentally friendly, the railways in Austria are the largest single consumers of electricity. But the railways are kinder to the climate than they ever have been before. Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) has recently started using 100% renewable energy sources, so 100% green electricity is powering the Rolling Highways (also known as ‘ROLA’, short for ‘Rollende Landstraße’).

ÖBB is Austria’s most climate-friendly company and sees itself as part of the solution in the fight against climate change. Now we’re starting next chapter on climate protection – and are upping the ante to boot.

The electricity that keeps our trains and thus our goods in Austria moving comes entirely from renewable energy sources.

An environmentally friendly energy supply with electricity generated from hydropower, wind power and solar power is making the railways kinder to the climate than ever before. Not a single litre of oil or a cubic metre of gas or coal are to be used anymore to generate the electricity that moves the Rolling Highways’ trains through Austria.

But Austria’s rail network isn’t alone in its use of completely green power. Railway stations, offices, workshops and container cranes have made the switch too. This makes us the biggest climate protector in Austria – and way beyond.

As hydropower accounts for an average of 90% of the railways’ electricity mix, ÖBB is one of the most eco-friendly railway infrastructure operators in Europe. We’re therefore already shaping the future for our children and grandchildren. With every truck transported on the Rolling Highways, we’re ensuring that the environment can breathe again.

This makes us one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly freight transport companies.