Jobs before gender: What makes the difference?

08. 03. 2021

It’s not the gender of our staff that matters, it’s what skills they have. Diverse teams are the key to success and a great asset for the entire ÖBB Rail Cargo Group!

Is logistics really just for men? We shouldn’t even be asking this question. It’s someone’s individual skills and knowledge that make them the right person for the job. With this in mind, we are bringing diversity to our industry. Diversity is the key to success – across all fields of business and career levels.

So why is gender diversity so valuable?

Giving men and women equal opportunities in the company is just about fairness, it’s also about our joint success. After all, diverse teams offer a variety of ideas, approaches and solution strategies. A lot of studies show that a balanced ratio of men and women in the company is a key success factor! Gender-diverse teams make better decisions, are more innovative and make more profits in the long run – this is not just a financial gain, but also a gain for our entire corporate culture.

Our diversity strategy permeates all our departments:

Human Resources Management

Companies with good gender diversity management have a head start in the "fight for talent". Good gender diversity management improves staff retention and satisfaction levels, and we have also seen that staff are more motivated and feel more at home in a diverse environment.  Not only do we have a high percentage of women in management positions, but we also support men in their decision to take paternity leave, for example.

Marketing and Sales

Employees with diverse backgrounds provide expertise in a range of differentiated markets. Gender diversity management can also influence customer decisions; this is why, for example, we use gender-sensitive language in both marketing and sales in order to create awareness of equality in all types of communication – because it’s clear to us that language makes things happen!

Flexibility and creativity

A heterogeneous workforce reacts more flexibly and can adapt to different requirements more easily. We encourage agile teams – creative, flexible and go-ahead – to transform our industry and turning it into a dynamic environment. All the different perspectives, experiences and skills promote creativity in the driving innovations forward. We also followed this approach when creating our digital service portfolio SmartLINK. The more eyes the better when it comes to setting the highest standards in design and functionality.  


Gender diversity management in international activities results in better communication across different languages, cultures, values and ways of working. This is a particularly important aspect for us at RCG, as we are represented in 18 countries with staff from a total of 34 nations. And we know that our international #TeamRCG is our most important competitive advantage!

So what makes the difference? Gender isn’t what matters in a job, it’s diversity! That's why in our monthly She is #railcore series, we’re going to show you how we live diversity in the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group. We’re not just letting the experts have their say; we’re giving the floor to our staff who work in the most diverse business areas.