INNOVATION makes it easy to access the rail system

24. 09. 2020

It must become as easy to transport goods across Europe by train as it is by truck. This is our stated goal. We intend to reach this goal by making it easier for our customers to access the railway system.

Different electricity grids and train inspection procedures as well as regional legislation and specifications still represent stumbling blocks along the way. However, we are in step with the times and are getting ready to take on the future with our ground-breaking digitalisation and innovation initiatives. Our team of experts are analysing every stage of the supply chain and are developing innovative solutions. Our customers’ requirements and requests are what set the agenda and are what motivate us. How could we track your goods if our fleet of freight wagons wasn’t kitted out with the most modern sensor technology available? How could we provide the best transport services for you without our wagon innovation TransANT? Or transport your goods more efficiently, especially via single wagon transport, if we were not the ones leading the way in the European initiative to introduce Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC)? We are the ones driving innovation forward in the industry and this means we are always one step ahead. This is how we are driving forward the digital transformation of logistics. For high-performance European rail freight transport.

We are innovation.