RESPONSIBILITY towards society and economy

29. 09. 2020

We are the stable, logistical backbone of the economy. We are the network that keeps our system running. We connect economic hubs in Europe and beyond, and we keep the flow of goods moving.

Rail freight transport brings us the goods we need on a daily basis and delivers raw materials needed for industry. This reduces the burden of transit traffic on our roads. We are aware of our social responsibility and we are ready to fulfil our mission. The Rail Cargo Group transports over 100 million tonnes of goods and covers almost 50 million train kilometres a year –  that’s the same as 1225 trips around the earth. It means we save about 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in Austria every single year.  Every tonne that travels by rail reduces our carbon footprint, helps us reach the Austrian and European climate targets and relieves the environment. This is how we are making Europe a place worth living in and making a vital contribution to achieving the climate targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement.

We are responsibility.