Loading advice

03. 12. 2020

Every beginning is difficult - even when loading goods. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises for our customers, we also offer loading advice as an additional service as part of our SmartLINK digital service range.

Before goods can begin their sustainable journey by rail, they must first be loaded onto the wagons. This is not always easy, especially if the goods are heavy, bulky or dangerous.

This is where we come in: So that loading the goods works perfectly, we are available to our customers on request with our entire know-how. 

Our expertise 

Usually, we provide our customers with one or more wagons for independent loading - on a general loading siding or a siding directly on the factory premises. Depending on the product and the local conditions, forklift trucks, cranes or other aids are necessary to get the goods onto rail.  

Which solution is best in my individual case? What precautions do I have to take? And how do I have to align my processes as a whole so that loading is efficient? Our experts have the answers. 

At all or nothing

When it comes to our loading consulting services, we attach great importance to integrated logistics solutions for shipments that cannot be handled in the traditional way due to special requirements for rolling stock, infrastructure or production processing. We support our customers e.g. with feasibility analyses that put the project to the test from a technical and operational point of view. We also provide assistance in the creation of design plans should conversion work or wagon adaptations be necessary. In this way, we provide them with the perfect basis for decisions on the technical implementation in all areas. 

Visit smartlink.railcargo.com to find out more about our loading consulting services and get in touch with us right away!