Stake wagons

13. 04. 2021

We’re proud to be experts in timber transportation. As one of the largest wood hauliers in Central Europe, we don’t just have the logistics know-how, we’ve also got the right equipment: our stake wagons! They’re part of our fleet of freight wagons available to our customers as part of SmartLINK, our digital service portfolio.

We’ve geared ourselves up to meet every requirement and have all the right freight wagons for our customers’ goods. We make sure they get delivered safe and sound. This also applies to our specialist fields of business: timber transportation! After all, it’s with bulky, heavy freight like wood that rail can really play to its strengths.

Made for wood

Stake wagons are our wood transport “workhorse”: flat wagons with specific superstructures designed for transporting timber. Steel stakes flank the sides of the wagon and secure the loads during transportation. We have several different types of these wagons with 20 to 32 stakes. Some of the wagons also have headboards at each end to make them extra secure. One wagon can carry many tree trunks, and these are mainly used as raw material for the wood and paper industries.

We bring around 100,000 loaded timber wagons and about six million solid cubic metres of timber a year safely to their destinations.

Our “raw timber bull” (“Rohholzbulle”) – strong, fast and flexible

Our “raw timber bull” (“Rohholzbulle”) is the expert when it comes to wood transportation. It’s ideal for transporting timber logs. The Rnoos-uz wagon has a bogie, solid headboards that are two metre high and ten fixed pairs of stakes on its sides, giving it its iconic name. Our “raw timber bull” can carry loads of up to 65 tonnes in weight and more than 21 metres in length. It can bear five stacks of raw timber with four metre-long logs or six 3 metre-long stacks. Slow-release tension belts ensure safe unloading procedures – also when it comes to heavy raw timber. After all, safety is always our top priority!

Take a peek at our timber transport services

A peek behind the scenes with our long-standing customer Schmidholz, which supplies timber industries across the South and West of Austria:

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