In good hands in the North of Italy: our warehouse logistics in San Stino di Livenza

09. 04. 2021

We connect people, businesses and markets with logistics power – from the first to the last mile. Our ten warehouses in seven European countries are the interface of our interactions. With its central location and extensive range of services, our warehouse in San Stino has got it all. Our warehouse logistics are part of the range of services we offer in our digital service portfolio SmartLINK.

Whenever our customers’ goods need to go into temporary storage, get loaded or unloaded at any stage of their journey, with us they’re in good hands. These services are right up our street! Our logistics platforms make sure all the parts of the supply chain link together smoothly and seamlessly and see to it that the goods get delivered safe and sound and on time.

Like at the second warehouse we have in Northern Italy: Welcome to San Stino di Livenza in the Province of Venice!

Strong market position

The warehouse is situated on the Torino-Milano-Venezia-Trieste railway line and connected to the Torino-Trieste motorway, which provide the ideal links to the key economic hubs of Triveneto. This prime central location makes us well situated to supply the market. The key traffic streams flow to Villance/Tarvis and Trieste/Villa Opicina, from where we distribute goods across all of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Transshipment, storage and customs

The platform in S. Stino specialises in managing block trains and intermodal transport. We take care of transshipment, storage and customs clearance for freight on the 48,000 m2 site and arrange first mile and last mile transport. Most of the goods that are stored are comprised of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, steel and forestry products, which our team of experts take good care of with their many years of experience.

With approval from customs authorities, goods that come from countries outside the EU can be stored in our S. Stino warehouse for an unlimited period of time. Customs charges only apply when it’s time for the goods to leave the warehouse again. They’re in good hands at all times.

Check out our warehouse in S. Stino for yourselves! Here are a few impressions:

For more info on warehouse logistics in Italy, visit our website.