Bernegger as first TransANT test pilot

20. 11. 2019

Our revolutionary TransANT platform wagon goes on rail. Bernegger GmbH carries out the first test drives and puts the new platform wagon through its paces.

It took quite a long time, but now the first 20 of our TransANT platform wagons have been produced and the first test runs are starting.

Test drives will be carried out under real conditions with the aim of putting the vehicles through their paces before delivery.

This is particularly important for us, because the experience gained from operating the newly developed wagon is used in the further development, optimisation and elimination of teething troubles of the TransANT. Because at the end of the day only one thing counts: to make its use unique.

TransANT is put on track

Like us, Bernegger GmbH is always on the lookout for technological progress. Therefore, it was clear to us who would be the first test pilot. The family business, which specialises in raw materials, the construction industry and environmental technology, is thus the first customer to be able to use TransANT.

The pursuit of technological leadership in the construction industry drives the state-awarded mining company to permanently further develop technical applications. Heimo Gruber, terminal manager at Spital am Pyhrn, is pleased to be the first to be able to travel with the newly produced innovative wagon material.

Thus, the first 40ft platform wagon loaded with 20ft opentop containers goes into service. Until the beginning of December, Bernegger now has the opportunity to test loading and unloading processes as well as the use of containers loaded with building materials such as stones, gravel and excavated material.

And Bernegger can't be fooled when it comes to the efficient handling of transports and the seamless supply of raw materials. After all, he transports 600,000 tonnes of raw materials a year by rail from lime and dolomite mining to gravel and ballast plants. We will keep you up to date.