TransANT for voestalpine on rail - Handing over a 293 meters train

22. 11. 2019

In 2018 the development of the revolutionary platform wagon TransANT started. Now its on the rails.

Together with voestalpine, our goal was to revolutionize rail freight transport, to develop a platform car that is lighter and thus allows more payload and is flexible in use at the same time.

We succeeded in doing that: TransANT offers a payload advantage of up to 4 tons with a 20% lighter undercarriage. We are thus creating a new standard in the freight transport market - in the interest of our customers and in the interest of the competitiveness of rail as a mode of transport.

The first set of 13 double units with a train length of 293 meters has now been delivered to Logistik Service GmbH (LogServ), a subsidiary of the voestalpine Group, in Linz. 

TransANT is a signal of how rail freight traffic is geared to specific customer requirements and delivers a tailor-made product. The special thing about this order was that we as RCG developed this platform wagon together with our partner voestalpine - from the initial considerations and planning on paper to the construction of prototypes.The new wagon now enables voestalpine to avoid 100 train journeys per year in ore transport.