Transport power from a single source

24. 09. 2019

Have you ever wondered how cross-border freight transport works? How can it be that rail freight transport along the entire transport chain is much easier when it comes from a single source?

A truck driver starts his truck and simply drives off with his loaded articulated lorry - crossing national borders along the way. His driving licence is valid throughout Europe and beyond.

Rail freight transport is not that simple.

Cross-border rail freight transport in particular is much more complex than road freight transport due to different infrastructure and train control systems, operating regulations and safety regulations.

That’s why it is good to be on the move with the Rail Cargo Group. Thanks to our nationwide production network with our own freight trains in twelve countries, we not only shorten production processes, but also ensure high quality along the entire logistics and transportation chain.

The competitive edge for our customers

With our end-to-end cross-border processing from a single source, we provide our customers with a decisive competitive edge on the market. The main advantages are as follows: better planning and handling of the trains, improved punctuality, shorter transport times, faster and more reliable cross-border traction.

One of RCG's main concerns is to shift freight traffic from road to rail. This is because rail freight traffic causes 15 to 20 times less greenhouse gas emissions per tonne-kilometre than truck traffic.

Using our own traction in different countries already helps make freight transport much more efficient.

We speak eleven languages - fluently

In addition to our domestic markets in Austria and Hungary, we are already operating in own traction in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece.

Recently the RCG family was extended to include a 12th railway company in Poland. Poland is connected to two important freight corridors and is therefore of particular importance to us.

As with every trip to another country, it is beneficial to speak that country’s language. It is also an advantage for our customers that we as RCG offer our services in own traction in twelve different countries.