Take the ROLA, save frustration – a travelogue

04. 09. 2019

What is Thomas, a lorry driver, looking forward to most of all when he arrives at ROLA Terminal Wörgl? To the relaxing ride in the accompanying carriage and a whole 90 minutes of time-out.

When Thomas is behind the wheel of his lorry, every fibre of his being has to concentrate on the road. And that’s exhausting. But travelling on the Rolling Road (ROLA) over the Brenner Pass allows him to enjoy a short yet intense break.

And that can only be a good thing.

After all, the German driver takes to the road five times a week to travel 3,000 kilometres. Over the Brenner Pass, he enjoys the onboard service when Eva, the service employee in the accompanying carriage, serves light snacks and cold soft drinks. Looking out the window, he lets his mind wander.

The landscape passes Thomas by – which he clearly enjoys.

This lets him recharges his batteries for the next stage of his journey. Because even once he reaches ROLA Terminal Brennersee, he’s still got a long way to go to his destination.

From there, he’ll travel another 750 kilometres to Rome by road. And two days later, he’ll make the return journey on the same route.

What Thomas is looking forward to most of all is his journey on the Rolling Road, the onboard service and, of course, seeing his family again in Heidelberg.