Our terminals in Slovakia

29. 04. 2021

Our SmartLINK digital service portfolio offers comprehensive terminal logistics services – at our three terminals in Slovakia for instance. This is why they occupy a prime location:

We operate three container terminals in Slovakia: in Bratislava, Ružomberok and Žilina. The country occupies a prime location in Europe, which makes it very important for European logistics. The Bratislava terminal in particular acts as a hub for rail logistics in Europe.

One location with many advantages

Our Bratislava terminal occupies a prime location, especially for freight transport to Austria and Hungary. Moreover, the Bratislava region is one of the richest areas in the EU. With a site covering over 45,000 m2 and warehouse space of over 33,000 m2, our staff work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure freight gets delivered safely and on time. The terminal is equipped with two rail tracks plus four reach stackers and forklift trucks, which are used to move and transfer containers and swap bodies.

Hub for the automotive industry

Slovakia is an important location for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. The Žilina terminal in the north of Central Slovakia is of great importance for the automotive industry in particular, as it focuses on trains to Kaliningrad in Russia and also has a regular connection to the Port of Koper in Slovenia. The containers are handled on a terminal area of around 25,000 m2 with the help of two container stackers and transported onwards to their destination.

Financially on track

The RCG terminals in Slovakia play a key role for freight transportation in individual single wagonload traffic to Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Our standard TransFER Bratislava/Žilina–Koper makes up to five round trips per week.

On top of this, the TransFER Budapest–Xi'an also runs from China via Kazakhstan and from Russia via Slovakia to the RCG BILK Terminal in Budapest. 

RCG in Slovakia

The RCG has its own railway undertaking in Slovakia. This enables us to ensure high production quality along the entire logistics and transport chain throughout Europe and all the way to Asia. In 2019, RCG transported around 703,000 tonnes from, to and through Slovakia. The prime location of the RCG terminals in Slovakia make them important logistical hubs for freight transport.

For more information about our terminals and contact information, visit smartlink.railcargo.com.