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Rail Freight Day 2018

At 6 December, the Rail Freight Day once again focused on progress and challenges in European rail freight traffic in the Vienna Stock Exchange. For the fifth time, high-ranking representatives from politics and the railway sector met for one day to jointly set the course for more freight traffic on rail.Read More

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More quality at the same price?

The economy is on the upswing and is bringing increasing volumes to the logistics industry. Transport by land, sea and air is enjoying increased demand. But there are two sides to every story – because prices have not kept pace with the constantly growing costs.Read More

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Railways simply explained: Route class

Did you know that railway routes are divided into route classes? And why freight wagons must not exceed the maximum payload limit? The following article explains what route classes are and how they are related to the maximum permissible axle load.Read More

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RCG-Soccer Challenge 2018 Winners: RCC Italy!!

Once again, the 7th RCG soccer tournament is all about team spirit and internationality. On November 24, our employees will change their business outfits for football tricots again – then 16 teams from 10 different countries will compete in the Veterná Sports Centre in Slovakia. For the first time, the final match will be broadcastRead More

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Power on wheels: The MOBILER

With the MOBILER, the train comes directly to the customer – regardless of whether there is a siding or not. Our technically mature MOBILER system enables simple and fast container handling between truck and rail, thus combining the advantages of rail and road freight transport. Behind this system is a special wagon technology.Read More


The RCG at the logitrans Istanbul

The logitrans has become the leading trade fair along the entire value chain in the fields of logistics, telematics and transport in the Eurasian region with 13,700 participants from more than 50 countries and 150 exhibitors from 24 countries.Read More


The RCG at the first China International Import Expo

The business between China and Europe is booming. Around 4,000 trains a year travel between Europe and Asia with goods such as construction machinery, consumer goods and clothing. The Rail Cargo Group handled around 400 of these trains in 2018. Reason enough to present our expertise and portfolio at the China International Import Expo (CIIE)Read More


Facts: China in the spotlight

Meanwhile our freight trains regularly connect China with Europe and need about 14 days for the transport via the New Silk Road. That’s why we’ve compiled 14 exciting facts about China that explain, among other things, what the Chinese alphabet is all about, why China is also called “The Middle Kingdom” or why exactly fiveRead More

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